Grade Appeal Information for Students

As the current Chair of the Grade Appeals Committee for the College of Business, as well as the current Chair of the University Grade Appeals Committee, I want to provide students with a central resource where they can find documentation for the grade appeal process, as well as other helpful information.

Please view this link to obtain the Official Grade Appeals Procedures.

Please use this document to create your Notice of Intent to Appeal Grade document (right-click link, click Save as).

Please note and be sure to meet all requirement in the procedures, including the dates listed below.

Autumn 2014: Classes begin: 8/25/2014
(schedule for appeals from the previous spring or summer semesters)
At this point by date This activity is due
(3 weeks) 21st day: 09/15/2014 Notice of Intent due; 2 weeks for discussions with instructor, department head
(2 weeks) 35th day: 09/29/2014 Detailed statement due; Student may have met with instructor, must have met with department head
(1 week) 42nd day: 10/06/2014 Screening panel must have met within 1 week
(2 weeks) 56th day: 10/20/2014 School hearing must be concluded
(1 week) 63rd day: 10/27/2014 Notice of School hearing decision due
(1 week) 70th day: 11/03/2014 Appeal must be received
(3 weeks) 91st day: 11/24/2014 Decision of University Panel re: request for new hearing
(1 week) 98th day: 12/01/2014 Notice of University hearing date
(2 weeks)112th day: 12/15/2014 Decision by University panel